Handmade Birch Tree products from Exmoor.

Hand-tapped Birch sap from the edge of Exmoor


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 Our products are also available to purchase online from this website   

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                                Only the birch sap cannot be ordered online and posted as it isn't pasteurised and doesn't contain preservatives.                                                                      Please enquire for  information on pre-orders and deliveries (where they're possible)


                                                         Priestlands Birch products include:

                                                    Spring harvested birch sap, leaf tea,  gorgeous soaps, skin moisturisers, balms etc.  

                                             And​ a unique and tasty selection of Birch Spirit, Birch vermouth, Sloe Birch Sparkling wine and delicious                                                  birch liqueur Chocolate Truffles - dairy or vegan.


This website is always being improved; If content is lacking please contact P.B with your enquiry for personal assistance.

Valentine's Day Love

Birch Oil Face Moisturiser.

Birch buds infused in oil & birch sap are blended to make a rich & light face cream. This moisturiser has remarkably good results for itchy and uncomfortable skin conditions like eczema, sporiasis and rosacea without the use of harsh chemicals.

Birch Oil Lip Balm

Birch infused oils with bee & carnuba wax keep lips smooth & protected.  


Birch Soaps.

Hand-made moisturising soaps including birch oil, sap and smoky birch tar ingredients.

Birch Oil Dry Skin Rescue

A little beeswax has been added to this birch rich moisturiser for  weather & water protection. As a hand and body cream it has remarkably good results for itchy and uncomfortable skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea - without the use of harsh chemicals    




Birch Sap

Rehydrate with unpasturised, additive free, pure English birch sap collected from wild trees.

Gift boxes

Choose from a variety of P.B combinations or make your own custom order.

Birch Leaf, soap-free wash.

Birch leaf, soap-free, herbal

body wash pouches for bath or shower.

Roasted        Birch Twig Tea. Hojicha Boucha  

Roasted birch twig tea..Soft & delicious, doesn't stew'.

Gathered on Exmoor washed in spring water, chopped & roasted.

Birch Leaf Tea.

Contains buds & leaves from wild Birch trees. A naturally cleansing mild green tea and hair rinse tonic.      

Betula Liqueur Chocolates & Truffles.                

Exquisite hand made chocolate truffles infused with birch liqueur.

                 Betula Wych:                       Birch Spirits, Sloe Birch Bubbly                     & Vermouth.     

Wild Exmoor birch sap collected in Spring, brewed & distilled locally in small batch copper stills.

Unique, wild & brilliant.

Birch sap is available to buy at markets that I attend or orders may be made by email or phone enquiry for delivery where possible. Birch sap cannot be sent in the post as it needs to remain below 5*c and is not pasteurised nor preserved with additives.



Fresh water is drawn up through the roots of the Birch tree in March, gathering stored nutrients on its way to bring it to life after the Winter slumber.  Priestlands Birch sap is tapped from the trees for four weeks only, resulting in a pure, delicate tasting drink that is as crisp and clean as it is smooth and rehydrating.


Birch sap has been enjoyed for centuries and is appreciated for its de-toxing, nutritive action and for stimulating the metabolism. 


Birch Sap contains Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Phosphorus, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Amino Acids, Salicylates, Saponins and Electrolytes.


The sap is only one of many useful ingredients offered by Birch trees.  Priestlands Birch uses the leaves, leaf buds and inner & outer bark to create tea, birch oil and birch tar moisturising soaps and moisturisers.







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