Gift Boxes
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Choose a melange of birch products and present them in a gift box.
The boxes are hand-decorated fine corrugated kraft card, lined with tissue paper.
Beautiful, stylish and completely compostable.

Gift boxes.

Special Offer:

Anytime is a good time;

Boxes of Love

Surprise and Delight.


Anytime Love Box
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Large Gift Box containing:
A Luxury Soap-free Birch & Herbal Bath Pouch,
Box of Betula Liqueur Chocolate Truffles 60g
Bottle of Betula Wych Birch Spirit 5cl (A)
Bottle of Betula Wych Medlar Birch Spirit 5cl (B)

Valentine's Love Box
Betula Liqueur Chocolate & Truffles
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Exquisite and rare, hand-made birch liqueur chocolates and infused dark, milk and white truffles.
Heaven in a box.

P&P added at check-out. Overseas orders may require extra postage charges.

Betula liqueur chocolate truffles
Roasted Birch Twig Tea. Hojicha Boucha
3.70 GBP
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Birch Twigs; collected on Exmoor, washed in spring water, chopped and gently roasted. Makes a soft, aromatic, pale black tea that doesn't stew.
25g pack.

P&P will be added at checkout. Overseas orders may require extra postage charges.

Birch Leaf Tea
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Dried birch leaves & buds handpicked from wild trees on Exmoor.
Mild green tea, refreshing and clean tasting.
Choices include herbal tea mixes from the garden.
Overseas orders may incur higher postage charges.

Birch leaf & mixed herbal
Hand made porcelain soap dish
15.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Beautiful hand made porcelain dishes filled with natural birch soaps.
Dishes measure c8cm (across) x 3cm (height)

£3.40 P&P will be added on the PayPal page. Overseas orders may require extra postage charges.


Birch Tar, smoky aroma, soap.


For the ultimate shaving experience.

Birch Tar Soap
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Smoky aroma birch tar soap is made with extracted oils from birch bark.
May have excellent results for psoriasis, acne and problem skin. Antiseptic and anti fungal.
Great for sweaty, smelly feet!
Note: Helpfully; the bonfire aroma doesn't linger after washing.

Birch tar soaps

Birch Tar Scrub:

Smoky soap with added birch leaves to gently exfoliate,cleanse and moisturise.

  A treat for shins and shoulders, legs and feet!


May also help to combat foot odour and minor fungal infections.



Birch Tar Scrub Soap
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Shredded birch leaves infused into birch tar, smoky antibacterial soap.
Scrubby enough to be satisfying, not too scrubby to be scratchy!
Fabulous for your Feet!

Birch Tar Scrub Soap

Birch Oil Soap: 

Birch oil is blended with cleansing,moisturising oils including, olive, coconut,

rice bran and castor.

Each contributes to a balanced soothing, creamy

       wash that leaves even                                         sensitive skin soft and comfortable.

Birch Oil Soap
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Birch Oil Soap
Great for every day use & may help eczema & dry skin.
Also good as hair shampoo.

(Compostable packaging.)

3 sizes.
P&P - £2.85 up to 500g package.
P&P added on the PayPal page - where you can also amend details for multiple item purchases.


Fresh smelling, exfoliating, Birch Oil soap blended with

Birch Leaves.

       May help acne prone skin.

Birch Oil Scrub Soap
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Birch leaves blended into Priestlands moisturising birch oil soap gives a fresh smelling, gentle exfoliating scrub.
Deep cleanse blocked pores.

Birch Oil Scrub Soap.

Milky Birch Soap:

Creamy, gentle, soothing & moisturising.

Contains: Organic milk kefir, pure birch sap and birch essential oil.


Milky Birch Soap
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

For super sensitive skin Milky Birch soap contains organic milk kefir,
birch sap & birch oil for a gentle, moisturising and soothing wash.
May help eczema and irritated skin.

135 - 145g: £6.45

Milky birch

NEW! Birch leaf, soap-free, herbal, body wash pouch.

Birch leaf, soap-free, herbal body wash pouch.
4.75 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

A soothing, cleansing soap-free combination of birch leaves, rose petals, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, lovage & plantain washes your body gently with sudsy, soft oatmeal and soapwort root powder.

Drop a pouch into bath water or use like a hand-cloth in the shower.
Completely compostable.

Birch Oil Moisturiser for Face & Neck
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Three active birch ingredients combined with argan, avocado and safflower thistle oils.
Light, non-greasy for everyday use. Some people find it helpful for eczema, psoriasis etc.

P&P £3.55 up to 500g package
Overseas orders may incur extra postage charges

Birch oil Moisturiser

PLEASE NOTE: Apologies: Wooden top jars have been discontinued by the supplier.

P.B. is waiting for the beautiful new (and 10g larger), better value, frosted jars to arrive. Plain glass meanwhile. Thank you for your patience.

Birch Oil Dry Skin Rescue
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Large and small jars contain: Birch and other rich oils including avocado and argan combined with a touch of beeswax for protecting and replenishing dry skin.

P&P £3.45 up to 500g package
Overseas orders may incur extra postage charges

Dry Skin Rescue

Birch Oil Lip Balm.

Repair, moisturise, soothe & protect dry lips.

Contains: Birch oil, almond, coconut and castor,

carnuba and bees wax.                              NOTE! Supplied in metal pots not in plastic - need a new photo!!

Birch Oil Lip Balm
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Essential kit for lips.
Repairs, moisturises and soothes and protects.
Also makes a great beard and moustache oil.

Birch Oil Lip Balm

Attention:To purchase alcohol from Priestlands Birch you must be aged 18 years and over.

By completing an online order payment that includes alcohol you are confirming that you are aged 18 or over. Betula Wych hopes that your drink brings pleasure;  whilst drinking                              responsibly.

Betula Wych Spirits. 40%ABV
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Betula Wych' smooth, clean silvery notes & green woods settle into the deep mysteries of Exmoor.
Serve over ice or enjoy it long with elderflower cordial, angostura bitters with soda, lime & mint for a seriously Wychy cocktail spell.

Betula Wych Spirit.




     Sloe Birch Bubbly.

Brewed in 2016; ready to drink now!

 Superb colour, flavour and nose

with just the right amount of    fizzzzzzz.

 Limited supply.






Sloe Birch Bubbly
30.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Fabulous, Unique and Scrumptious.
Perfect for a very special occasion.
Limited supply.

Betula Wych Vermouth
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

The first ever in the UK; brewed & distilled on Exmoor, Betula Wych Vermouth is a subtle blend of birch wine & birch spirit, fabulous over ice & as a unique martini base for inventing the ultimate moonlight-soft Wychy cocktail.
22%Vol alcohol.

Betula Wych Vermouth

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Helen the Herbalist rescues me from mosquito hell again


5+ reasons to drink Birch Water:

Rehydration after a run or a work out, metabolic stimulant, flush out uric acid from your kidneys, help break down cellulite and lose some unwanted weight, top up on  trace elements, minerals and electrolytes, help your skin look and feel rejuvenated. 



Medical herbologist Berndatte Dowling tells us why Birch Sap is an essential part of healthy living.



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