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Fermented foods, your health and well-being

I have just been on a one day fermentation course which was brilliant: it was fun and all the things we produced were very tasty and not too weird!

In my humble opinion long term health is achieved by long term healthy eating in just the same way that illness and poor health is often caused by long term unhealthy eating habits.
But as Katie Venner says (the lady who holds the course) there is no point in trying to eat healthy food and drink if you don’t enjoy it. So; as it was very tasty and interesting food achieved with relatively simple methods; I’m fairly enthused and my cultures and ‘scoby’s’ are sitting on my boiler and kitchen counter top doing their thing as I write. At the end of the day you go home with all the cultures necessary to get started. 
I think the benefits of it for me will be a better and calmer gut and I imagine that for people with allergies it might have helpful long term effects as your body will be absorbing the nutrients in the food that that you give it resulting in the benefits of a balanced body...and not an upset one that throws tantrums about things it’s sensitive to. Katie’s husband reckons that his joints are not so stiff and he has less pain.

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The Wellington Weekly Gazette discovers a Somerset gem
February 2015
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Wellington Weekly Gazette

A Helping Hand for Local Firms

April 2015

Exmoor Magazine


Businesses in West Somerset are being supported by the council to help them develop their ideas.

West Somerset Council launched the scheme for small businesses and start-ups last month and during the three-week window for applications, 17 firms put forward their ideas with ten approved.

The health drink fad we'll all be trying next year - birch tree sap 

  • Coconut water, the trendy drink of this year, has been overtaken
  • Birch tree sap carries an array of potential health and beauty benefits
  • The thin watery liquid is tapped from tree trunks in early spring
  • It's already popular in Russia, Scandinavia and parts of Northern China 

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PUBLISHED: 00:07, 29 December 2014 UPDATED: 07:56, 29 December 2014

Taste The 5 Benefits Of Birch Tree Sap

The health elixir is touted as one of the best juices you can drink compared to coconut water because it has restorative and detoxifying properties. Its naturally healthy, sweet, and positive nutritional profile appeals to health-conscious consumers interested in traditional and folk medicine. Birch sap can help boost immunity, fight fatigue, treat arthritis and joint pain.


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Jan 8, 2015 06:07 PM By Lizette Borreli   @lizcelineb

Forget coconut water... birch sap is what clean-living Londoners are drinking in 2015
The clean-living crew is worshipping a new tree of life — drink down the pure nectar of birch, says Emma McCarthy

You’re not still banging on about the hydrating benefits of coconut water, are you? How very 2014. This year, there’s a new wonder water poised to get the matcha powder posse buzzing: birch sap.


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Emma McCarthy    Wednesday 14 January 2015 11:03 GMT

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Helen the Herbalist rescues me from mosquito hell again


5+ reasons to drink Birch Water:

Rehydration after a run or a work out, metabolic stimulation, flush out uric acid from your kidneys, help break down cellulite and lose some unwanted weight, top up on  trace elements, minerals and electrolytes, help your skin look and feel rejuvenated. 



Medical herbologist Berndatte Dowling tells us why Birch Sap is an essential part of healthy living.



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