Limited Edition!

Beautiful hand made porcelain dishes with natural birch and bergamot oil soap.

Versatile presents.  Dishes measure c8cm (across) x 2cm (height)

These gorgeous dishes are made by on the Brendon Hills near Exmoor by Judy Crosher.

£15 includes the porcelain dish and soap. Gift box packaging is available for £3.00 extra charge.


Natural Birch Tar Shaving Soap presented in a hand made Birch bark container, complete with handmade leather hinges.  Makes a lovely gift for a special man.  Comes with a pure bristle shaving brush with wooden handle.

Coming soon: please enquire

£30 including box packaging.

Revitalising 7 Day 100% pure Xylem Birch Sap Tonic & Detox:

Help with weight loss and stimulate your metabolism:

Drink a 250ml bottle each day for a week....and feel clean, revitalised and fabulous!

7 X 250ml bottles for £30.00 

Please send a message for birch sap enquiries as birch sap can't be posted due to needing to stay below 5*C but can be delivered where possible

Birch leaf and herbal tea mixes

Choose a tea to suit your mood.

Contact us:

Tel: +44 (0) 1398 361607


Head office:

164 Westbourne Grove,

London W11 2RW

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Helen the Herbalist rescues me from mosquito hell again


5+ reasons to drink Birch Water:

Rehydration after a run or a work out, metabolic stimulation, flush out uric acid from your kidneys, help break down cellulite and lose some unwanted weight, top up on  trace elements, minerals and electrolytes, help your skin look and feel rejuvenated. 



Medical herbologist Berndatte Dowling tells us why Birch Sap is an essential part of healthy living.



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